The Japanese Attack on Southern California
       Many people said Lea’s prediction was only half true about the Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor, but not on the US mainland. Did you know that the Japanese launched several thousand balloon bombs against the US during the war? Nevertheless, approximately nine hundred reached US and Canada.
       The balloon bombs resembled the German V-1 and V-2, but were much less sophisticated. Their intent was to set forest fires and cause explosions. They hoped to bring about confusion, fear, and chaos along the US west coast.
        During late February 24 and early February 25, 1942, there were eyewitness reports of unknown objects over Los Angeles, California, which initiated an alarm and heavy anti-aircraft artillery gunfires. The air raid sirens were sounded at 2:25 am and a total blackout followed until 4:14 am. Three civilians died of heart attacks and another three were killed by the falling projectiles of the anti-aircraft gunfire. Many articles were written about this event and it was named, the Battle of Los Angeles. Some said they were UFOs.
         Before this incident in Los Angeles on February 23, 1942, a Japanese submarine fired on an oil production facility in north west of Santa Barbara and then headed south towards Los Angeles. This incident was later called the Ellwood Shelling.
         Both incidents were front-page news on the US Pacific coast. The picture above was on the front page of The Los Angeles Times, and the caption read; “ Seeking Out Object “ - Scores of searchlights built a wigwam of light beams over Los Angeles early yesterday morning during the alarm.
Photo - by The Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles
Sunday, September 23, 2007