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     Many of you visited this website before and recognized a web page named “News”. Its intent is to report new findings, developments, your comments and proposals. Some suggested leaving this page alone, because they like its contents. Instead, I came up with this new “Blog” page. It is modern and flexible! The “News” web page has changed in name to “Current”, but the content remains the same. I hope to write more articles based on your input and materials related to this subject.
     I must thank you all for your enthusiasm about Homer Lea’s heritage. I wish you will spread the word about him. Homer Lea is really a noble man and deserves our gratitude.
     “Hero” in dictionary means a mythological or legendary figure of great strength or ability. A hero or heroine is born when there is a danger, disaster, tragedy, or a need to fight for justice and to save others’ lives without concern one’s own.
     During the Boxer Rebellion, there were many foreigners slaughtered. Tens of thousands of Christians and Chinese converts were beheaded. Foreign dignity officials were also killed. Churches were set on fire. Legation quarters were destroyed. Mission schools were also their targets.
      Before the multinational coalition could rush to rescue them, heroes were born. Miss Smith was one of them. Her mission school was destroyed. Nevertheless, she protected and saved many of her students. After the siege, a lot of her beloved girls and boys with their family members were not afraid to come out to stand by her, to support her. Miss Smith’s spirit and body were stronger than those stone walls. The picture above shows her students, friends and families gathered on top of the ruin to have a picture with her and showed their gratitude.
Photo - courtesy of Library of Congress
Monday, October 1, 2007